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Planning a destination wedding in Paros? Our wedding planner services are here for you and your loved ones, to make sure that we will host your romantic and beautiful love story. 

High on the list of top Greek wedding destinations, Paros Island welcomes its visitors at the centre of the Cyclades group and invites them to explore its great beauty, the long beaches with crystal-clear waters and its impressive landscapes. There is a well-developed tourist infrastructure, too, to make your holidays truly memorable. In antiquity, Paros was famous for its white marble quarries; the so-called ‘Parian marble’ was highly sought-after for its top quality, for use in architecture and sculpture (particularly during the Classical Greek Period). Some of the masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture were made with this pure white, translucent material. The statues of Hermes by Praxiteles, Venus de Milo (i.e. Aphrodite of Milos), Nike [Winged Victory] of Samothrace, Nike of Paionios, and the Caryatids, i.e. the famous daughters [korai] of the Erechtheion, Acropolis, Athens are some of the most popular specimens of such art.  

Our priority is to implement your wedding with the most opulent details, floral arrangements, entertainment and exclusive experiences. Whether you wish to have a luxury micro-wedding in this magical island of Cyclades, or a grand, luxury wedding, your vision will become a seamless reality. 


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