Sikinos Splendor: Love, Laughter, and Forever Memories of a Three-Day Bespoke Wedding in the Magic of the Mediterranean

Elena & Konstantinos

It is difficult to describe in words the wonderful wedding of Elena and Konstantinos in Sikinos, a wedding that exceeded all expectations and left us with memories that will accompany us forever.

The beginning of their poetic journey took place in Rome, Italy. Elena and Konstantino’s love for Italy was not only an experience, but a wonderful dance between history and romance. Proposing in Fontana di trevi, among the historic buildings and flowers on every corner, elevated their romantic relationship to a magical and beautiful milestone that now resonates in every moment of their lives.

The three-day wedding celebration in Sikinos began with a magical beach party, where childlike carefree fun met the romantic sunset. Water guns, the sea, and colorful sea mattresses with various themes set the tone for an unforgettable evening.

The next day gave us two unique parties, one at the bride’s home and one at the groom’s hotel. Friends and family created an atmosphere of love and joy, full of laughter and dancing.

The wedding of Elena and Konstantinos in the most magical private little church of Sikinos was dreamy. With the exciting aroma of the Aegean Sea and the stunning view of the island, Elena and Konstantinos exchanged their vows with an emotion that still hangs in the air. The bride and groom, like the heroes of a fairytale celebration, gave their wedding a dimension that exceeded all expectations. Their little church was filled with a reverence that reflected their love, creating moments that will touch every heart they meet.

The dinner and party that followed at Manali Winery was an unforgettable experience. With a view of the endless blue on one side and the vineyards on the other, the landscape was enhanced by the shades of white and green of the olive trees and mint. The flowers transported us to an island garden, with white clay pots as centerpieces, while traditional elements such as the meletini and the handmade lavender and straw wedding favor added a special touch.

Proposing in Florence and getting married in Sikinos created a perfectly romantic combination that leaves us with the desire to live such an experience ourselves.

Photo credits: Irene Mc. Photography