George’s Wedding Proposal ended up with a whimsical wedding and a christening we adored!!!

Virginia & George

Can you spell eclectic without finesse? Can you spell love without a smile? We bet you don’t, and here is why! When you propose to your future wife with a broken leg during a Christmas dinner then you see what love is and we can see you are smiling! Virginia and George are our two lovebirds who chose to tie the knot this year, on our first wedding of the season! Hovering through this exceptional rustic wedding venue setting, someone can easily spot the vibrant colors of azure and pink palettes which were the main theme of this romantically wondrous wedding! Little chapels levitate a couple’s expectations and inner dreams when pure love is on sight! Our venue’s ceremony church is a loving dot in the area whilst this ground-breaking floral arch could not but seize the eye-sights of the guests. There, George and the little ‘pumpkin’ of his love with Virginia, this gold haired little angel: their son Spyros, both waited for the bride who awed all of us with her aura! Of course, little Spyros was the only able to seize the lights of that day, since apart from his pure charm, the candy bar corner was devoted to his baptism: hot-air balloon! Who can resist and not indulge in palatable cup-cakes, tempting multi colored cake-pops, heavenly handmade cookies, and that cloudy style blue cake? A drift through this inspiring setting had for baptism guests’ treats variety-shaped fragrant soaps; you could either pick a cloud or star, even a moon or a small balloon! The bridal dress, all lace- embroidered from head to toe, sleeveless with some refined touches on both shoulders uplifted our gorgeous bride! The details of this wedding setting where those to fall for, and those we adored to curate! Like a garden flourishing through the reception, the tabletop landscape decoration and arrangements were all in freestyle approach, with flower centerpieces along with candles to warm-up that lovely summer night! The wedding treats were way-out the ordinary, with a golden framed dotted veil, we adorned the koufetas (sugared almonds) and placed them on the napkins of those elegant all-white plates! By giving thanks you can share and spread love, here, the thanks-giving offerings were a selection of a local mastiha spirit poured inside some small glass flasks.
We could not but share with you our gratitude and appreciation for planning, designing and producing this as pretty as a picture wedding! The sympathy and affinity we embraced were the ones to recharge us for such a demanding yet appealing wedding season to follow, this year! An inspiring, authentic wedding, as much as genuine and true-to-life as us!

Photo credits: Voi & Noi Photography