The World Is Mine – A Trip From Brussels To Athens For The Magical

Baptism Of Chris

A truly inspiring christening was designed, planned and produced from us. The little protagonist was our star named Christos (Chris)! The baptism was themed with «the world is mine», and of course the world was and is his! The caring parents Elena and Nick, are themselves travelers of the world, and decided that the place of the baptism would be in Aghios Georgios Church in Kavouri, Vouliagmeni at the Athenian Riviera.
One could see the Brussels, their old hometown, and Athens, their birthplace. The air balloons part of the theme of the christening, mentioned those two cities including the story of the couple into the story of the day.
Baby blue hues, lemons and limes, airplanes, clouds and luggage, and we mean… have you ever seen treats like baby bottles? The scenery really stole even our hearts, and the candy bar with the cake-pops and town-cupcakes seized the eyes of the guests.
Love was the ultimate supply for our little prince to be a citizen of the world as well, and we believe we also supported that blessing!

Photo Credits: Michalas