The White Bohemian Elopement

Chryssa & Apollon

The story of Chryssa & Apollon takes place in a unique Cycladic location in the Aegean Sea, in Mykonos, unfolding the story of two people in love!

In a simple but yet luxury design environment, a beautiful story was revealed above the rocky shoreline, where we find San Giorgio Hotel, offering an absolute uninterrupted paradise view!

Through the eyes of the talented Nora Mancini, our couple teases each other, during their getting ready session and there’s not really much to tell, while Caitlin Young, our cinematographer captures their emotions and special moves…

Chryssa is like a wildflower, as she looks towards the sun and Apollon, her husband to be. She looks stunning in her bohemian silk Mikado dress with embroidery geometrical crystals.

Apollon looks like a Greek god, with his summer myconian white tuxedo and black trousers, handmade bow tie, his leather shoes, totally chic & glamorous.

Our bride looks amazing, she is beautifully tanned, and she is getting ready for this day. As Apollon approaches, she fixes her carefully waterfall bohemian hair style. She looks so calm and rejuvenated after her special Cleopatra’s golden body & face treatment.

Peonies & hydrangeas in total white, along with small golden touch of salix brunches, made quite an impression as they come in contrast with the natural rocky environment and minimal art decoration of the hotel!

We added ceramic clam shaped bowls and dinner plates with a golden glaze finish line, and we completed this exotic composition with a matched macrame runner of natural fibres & cotton cord napkin rings.

Our bohemian artistic custom-made macrame backdrop matches perfectly the 3 Ss – Sun, Sea & Sand design we envisioned, while our “Luxury” cotton invitation card, with gold ink calligraphy wording completed our magical inspiration. Such a fascinating idea!!!!

Photo credits: Nora Photography