The Royal Blue Story

The story of Odette & Adrian starts in a authentic Byzantine scenery, in Nasioutzik Museum, unfolding the story of two people fell in love!

Wood and stone-like landscapes are the dominant elements of this romantic estate, surrounded by olives, cypresses and pines composing the original aesthetic of the place.

Our couple gazes at each other, during their getting ready session and there’s not really much to tell… but to watch their story.

Adrian is looking handsome in his cool wool suit, in smoking one button slim line, his handmade bow tie and pochette and leather shoes.

Beautiful floral decorations fully harmonized with the environment, give us the sensation of luxury and chic combined with Elegance. The magnificent white hydrangeas and the Aegean blue color of delphinium inspired us creating an impeccable bride’s bouquet, an impressive Salix fence with small bouquets of white and blue delphiniums, while the oversized garland that was placed along the dinner table was out of this world… Magic and Dream at the same time…

What to say about the exquisite Blue Onion dinner ware porcelains by Meissen & more, which brings in a unique handcraft and exclusive aesthetic luxury to our story, complimenting us as well as each and every guest!

A romantic desert stand was prepared, to match our colors and style, with two impressive cakes in blue & ivory colors with touches of gold and ivy, handmade cookies with our printed blue onion porcelain pattern and traditional Greek mini sweets.

Our Royal blue wedding invitation kit was also inspired by Meissen’s blue onion collection. The deep blue envelope in combination with the premium and special quality of the papers, gives a luxurious and sophisticated look & feel.

Photo credits: Dimitris Giouvris