Royal Myconian Resort | Mykonos

Charley & Andrew

Destination weddings in Greek islands award the couples from abroad, the dream wedding spot, and define our proposal when it has to do with aunique and enduring wedding experience. For once in one’s lifetime, now with Charley and Andrew (Andy), our couple from London, a three-day destination wedding in Mykonos Island, Cyclades, could suggest such a monumental marriage gathering. On a minimal base equal to the island’s aesthetic we added accordingly some outstanding luxury elements, uplifting their dreams and aspirations on their best day ever! Guests from New Zealand and London enjoyed a pre-wedding welcome party at the emblematic 180º Sunset Bar, triggering their and our senses above the old harbor of the island. With an open horizon view to the Aegean Sea, all with casual outfits around a cozy lounge created atmosphere, framing all the sun-dried Chora of Mykonos, that destination wedding memory had begun to unveil. Royal Myconian Resort hosted the preparations, the ceremony and the wedding party. The queen of the day, set the pace of the wedding we had the excitement and honor to organize, by preparing herself up in a sleeve-less white long wedding gown, with a refined raised embroidery on the waist and a sublime open back. High grey heels and a bun hairstyle pinched with a veil, outlined her wedding outfit and walked her down the aisle. We proposed a white and green floral installation on the wedding arch, where Andy was dressed up in a navy-blue groom costume, Dior detailed, and while beloved guests and family were watching, they exchanged vows of devotion introducing their common pathway in life. The traditional element did not miss out from this destination wedding, since we spotted the ceremony area of the resort with white wooden chairs, and afterwards the reception area with old-style brown chairs matching the same style tables. Pale pink and buttery yellow flowers with eucalyptus leaves and small roses coupled the grey and glass candle holders which embellished the reception surfaces. The transparent element in the plates and glasses was emphasized by a gold raised finishing and the matching cutlery. One of the highlights of the second night, was the sax play by TheSaxMan: Ben Barnett, who came straight from London to cosmopolitan Mykonos. Such a night sky full of sparkling lights and fireworks concluded one of the most spectacular destination weddings ever produced by Eclectic Events, before the after-wedding party at Scorpios Mykonos. Rachel Takes Pictures captured that sky- rocketed dream of our couple, got realized through our expertise!

Photo credits: Rachel Takes Pictures