Romance in Bloom, A Floral Symphony of Elegance for Deny and Kyriakos

Deny & Kyriakos

Love was in full bloom at the union of Deny and Kyriakos, a celebration that unfolded against the enchanting backdrop of Casa e Campo estate in Afidnes. This fairy-tale wedding, meticulously organized by our team, left hearts aflutter with its romantic and elegant touches.

The exquisitely crafted white invitations, adorned with detailed floral designs and elegantly showcasing the intertwined initials of the radiant couple, served as the enchanting prelude to a day steeped in magic and romance.

The venue, embellished with a palette of soft pink, white, and peach flowers, along with the favors a beautiful porcelain round vase adorned with the same alike blooming salmon flower, were beautifully complemented the love shared by the couple, a sweet reminder of the couple’s blossoming love.

As Kyriakos patiently awaited Deny, who arrived in a white 4×4 adorned with delicate white flowers, the scene was nothing short of breathtaking.

Deny’s bouquet, a stunning arrangement of white peonies, added to the ethereal beauty of the day.

A grand archway, thoroughly crafted from an abundance of delicate pink roses, along with hydrangea, peonies, lysianthus and eucalyptus, stood as the magnificent gateway ushering Deny and Kyriakos into the beginning of their shared journey in wedded bliss.

Then, in a moment that felt like stepping into a fairy tale, the heartfelt ceremony unfolded in the estate’s charming chapel. Surrounded by the serenity of the chapel’s atmosphere, Deny and Kyriakos embarked on a journey of eternal commitment, their love story etched into the very walls of this dreamlike setting.

Adjacent to the pool, the space sparkled with fairy lights, creating a magical atmosphere for the lively party that ensued. Candles flickered, casting a warm glow and adding to the overall romantic ambiance.

The celebration was a testament to the seamless coordination and attention to detail that our company brings to every wedding. If you dream of a day filled with romance, elegance, and unforgettable moments, let us weave the magic for your special day. Your dream wedding is just a consultation away.

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Photo credits: Roula Moniaki