Margi Farm Estate

Ereeni & Zayd

Loving & Caring is universal… 💘
And so, we blended tradition, different cultures and ethnic “aroma” into Ereeni’s & Zayd’s beautiful story and it was quite amazing to see people coming from Palestine, Jordan, Dubai and California celebrate their LOVE with them, in beautiful Greece! “Two birds in Love” – The designs we created for Ereeni & Zayd, were inspired by a Palestinian pattern, very similar to Greek knitted rugs & tableclothes “#giagia style” that made quite an impression, creating a warm and authentic connection with all international guests just before the wedding… Invitations, Guests info, RSVP cards, Favors & Special gifts. Inspired by Love & Tradition, we created details that stand out: Fruit names for the table & name cards, sweets with #ethnic #aroma & fragrant #gardenias welcoming all guests, while the lush vivid country florals, the bud vases and the candle stick compositions in contrast to the olive trees and the earth colors of the farm, underlining
“Tradition, different cultures and ethnic “aroma” into Ereeni’s & Zayd’s wedding story.

Photo credits: Dimitris Giouvris