Love’s Symphony: Unforgettable Wedding and Twin Blessings

Vicky & Babis | Dimitra & Marianna... the twins

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Join us in reliving the magical moments of Vicky and Babis’ extraordinary celebration. Meet the enchanting couple whose romantic wedding and the baptism of their adorable twin daughters, Marianna and Dimitra, unfolded in the picturesque chapel of Agia Marina, nestled within the green gardens of the Orizontes estate in Koropi on September 10, 2023.

Vicky, the beautiful bride in a breathtaking wedding dress, walked down the aisle, while Babis, the handsome groom, awaited with love in his eyes and a sea of white blooms in his hands. The ceremony was a harmonious blend of tradition and elegance, leaving everyone in awe.

Following the enchanting wedding, the twins’ baptism was a vision of swan-themed perfection, with a candy table adorned with a graceful white swan design nestled amidst an array of flowers. The color palette of white and pink echoed throughout, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and sweetness.

Capture the magic of the day through stunning images of the couple holding their precious daughters, dressed in pristine white, strolling by the poolside. The celebration continued with the cutting of a magnificent three-tiered white wedding cake by all four of them, symbolizing the union of two souls and the happiness of the twins.

Following the two mysteries, a lively celebration unfolded, where the couple and their guests danced the night away.

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