Love And Rock On… Pre-Wedding Party

Are you ready for a pre-wedding, fabulous, fresh, full of surprises party with your besties spreading love all around and rock on until sundown?

The best, rocky, wild, isolated location of the Athens Riviera, is the place where Jasmine & Ricky had a special Pre-Wedding Party with lots of Love and Rock-on till sundown, all beautifully captured by Akzot & the TKfilmMakers!

The party theme was inspired by the location and the only Fig tree of the rocky beach, which was decorated with summer fruit hats and colorful ribbons, along with our mood to celebrate the beginning of summer season!

The day started, with an incredible power yacht ride, with the bride, the groom and their friends on-board, across the coastline of Island Athens Riviera, inaugurating pre-wedding celebrations with strawberries, cherries & Champaign! Did you think of anything more exciting?

Playing with water on the beach, under the hot sun, is refreshing but… made everybody really thirsty and hungry, so a cold finger food buffet was prepared on the spot! The buffet features, simple but playful finger food as common burgers and tortilla wraps, were transformed into flavorsome gastronomical delights, while the signature dessert stand enhances the beachy vibe with light and summery flavors and an impressive “naked” cake that completely stealed the show! A beautiful fruit picking bar completes the scenery with juicy watermelons and tropical star fruits awaiting to cool down the guests.

What a surprise for the couple, when their friends made a “playful” statement with a banner and dozens of balloons, flying up in the sky, inviting everyone to party until sundown… which they actually did!!!

The set-up and decoration was simple, elegant and stunning with a mix & match approach, as we like it and was lying in two levels. The one was climbing up on the cliffs, and was a more relaxed yet sophisticated area, consisted of modern stripped white/gray tents, generously-sized vintage & rattan day beds while the Round Metal Stool tables and lounge chairs had a minimal silhouette and matched our fresh, contemporary style. A touch of grace & glamour was given to the area with the inlaid bronze mirror coffee tables, ideal for this airy feel.

On the other level, which was on the beach, vibrant, super dynamic mats were placed in different shapes and patterns, accompanied by our rattan stools and a D.J. stand… that was all needed!!!

Garlands & small centerpieces out of laurel & rusty plants, along with coral peony details added a fresh, vivid and clear picture for the eyes, heart and mind.

Girls and boys wore stylish and modern beachwear, while girl’s hair & make-up were made to produce a Boho curly appearance for daytime, and airily chignon for cocktail hour…

A special invitation for the party, was prepared by Jasmine & Ricky, with the following instructions: Put on your best smile… Wear a fancy swimwear… Put your “hut on”… make your crazy but special wish… and Rock on until Sundown!!! And so they did…

Enjoy their story and welcome summer, until the end!!!

Photo credits: Akzot