Getting married in the Athenian Riviera – Grand Resort Lagonissi you were marvelous!

Venia & Ilias 

A dreamy destination wedding in the Athenian Riviera, was their way of expressing their eternal love. Venia and Elias tied the knot in one of the most coveted venues in Greece. Grand Resort Lagonissi, and being more precise, Villa Elounda, hosted the dreams they had as a couple a few months ago! An all-white wedding is the exact reason why we adored it, since white is all of colors. Sandy dotted with awesome pampas centerpieces levitating the magnificent reception tables, the dinner area seized the eye of the guests. Those table centerpieces were Elias’ wish for this spectacular day. The wedding floral decorations, apart from the inspiring hydrangeas accompanying the sandy and light salmon pampas arrangements, embellished also the church and the two traditional candles (lambades) with an embroidery of white roses and pepper greenery. Summer weddings are always a reason to add some paeonies! The wedding bouquet of Venia reminded us a cotton made bouquet of imagination! She was adorned in an airy one-piece wedding gown made only of sparkly sequined fabric, producing a spangly effect with the sun rays. A gorgeous vintage open-air Volkswagen Beetle guided the queen of the day to her loved one! Walking barefoot to the groom, one can say that simplicity is the key to all! A detail that seized our eye was the hand-written ceramic plate gift to all their guests with the #eternal saying #sagapo #magapas along with the Kippur lace made cones for the traditional rice throw!

Photo credits: I Love Stardust