Are your guests dancing @ your wedding???


You should definitely dance at your wedding! There are some things at weddings that never change…

Once the dancing begins, you know the party has started. Yet, this is not the most comfortable experience for everyone involved.

Even some brides and grooms may be hesitant to show off their dance moves. But it is always a great idea to dance at your wedding, and I can find a very persuasive reason for doing so:

As we get older, we tend to forget about the little things in life that were fun, such as those nights that you may have gone out dancing and had a good time till dawn.  After all, it is an activity that is done purely for fun and your guests will see you having fun and will, in turn, want to do the same thing!

But what about your guests?

It may be a situation where some of your guests are not into the dance. Every wedding is different and dancing is not always the main attraction. A party that involves mingling, eating, and drinking sounds fun! Some people don’t dance but have no objection to others doing so and even enjoy watching others enjoying themselves. That is fun too.

So, trust your music professionals, as they are professionals for a reason and let them make the most of your big moment!

Are your guests dancing @ your wedding???