Take me on a Journey around the World… and Far Beyond! |

Anna & Kyriakos

Life is a journey and like all journeys why not share it with the person you Love the most???

Marriage is such a journey, a common path towards sharing and discovering new worlds and when it comes to Anna and Kyriakos, a journey was the occasion for getting to know each other better and build a strong relationship where after five years later and many more journeys led them to their sacred union.

They got married just outside Athens in an estate that looks like a natural terrace overlooking the lake of Marathon. She was glamorous and dazzling in her wedding dress that beautifully adorned her body, while He was super elegant and stylish in his black sur measure suit.

The concept of the wedding was inspired by their travels and Eclectic Events made it happen in the most imaginative way: the hashtag of the wedding was #os_tin_AKri_tou_kosmou, names and photos of the places they have visited were in every aspect of the set-up from the invitations and table sitting all the way to the farewell scented globe candle that was offered as a gift to the guests.

“Such as our collaboration with Eclectic Events, where they perfectly managed to organize and coordinate our aspirations, the flow of the evening and ease all our concerns until the very last minute”.

Photo credits: Takis Kyriazis

If they had to single out the most touching moment of that amazing journey, that would be their fabulous “sparkling” entrance… “All our beloved ones greeted us down in a candle-lit aisle and led us onto the dance floor to begin the party of our lives” as Anna confesses…