An intimate destination elopement in Crete Greek Island

Alexzandria & Dustin

Elopements are something called by others micro weddings, but elopements own something unique, something you cannot find easily in many weddings. The unobstructed passion and love, which floods without obstacles the photo frames and the settings.
Alexzandra and Dustin had a dream, to elope in the picturesque old town of Chania overlooking the lighthouse. And so, they did! Having in mind that they came all over from Texas, USA, we were so happy when we received their enquiry! We designed a beautiful arch with amazing florals and greenery, for them to do the symbolic ceremony, framing the sea horizon. The bridal bouquet and the boutonniere, had also some marvelous wildflowers, delicate thin pops of blossoms, a scenery full of intimacy and tears of joy!
The couple was pictured effortlessly in a documentary way by their elopement photographer, before they all went together for a strolling photo session inside the old roads of Chania.

Photo Credits: Eikonotopio