An Aegean Sea Wedding in the heart of Andros Greek Island

Danny & Bassilis

Andros Greek island, is located in the Cyclades Complex, only a couple of hours away from Athens. It hosted a spectacular exotic wedding celebration, that of Danny & Vasilis, in their dreamt paradise.
The wedding invitations were sent, the location was The Chora (center of the island), guests were guided to step down through a beautiful handmade ladder, while seeing only the marvelous sea horizon, with those magical blueish and salmon sparkling sunset colors above the water level mirroring the crystal surface of the sea. Just some steps away it was the small traditional chapel to host the traditional orthodox wedding ceremony. Bride and groom were adorned into airy white outfits. Accompanied all the way with the band coming straight way from Europe, they later welcomed everyone at Cabo venue.
A wedding reception and party till the morning followed, with the area full decorated with the colors and elements of the sea, coral details, and ivory hues, like we were hovering over the sea.

Photo credits: Michalas