A Low-Key Celebrity Wedding In Island Athens Riviera

Efi & Andreas

Low-key celebrity weddings are a rather simple task, and we feel honored for undertaking to organize another one, that of Efi and Andreas!
Athenian Riviera, and Island Gallery in particular, hosted their wedding under our planning touch!
And that was a seaside wedding of unparallel beauty, highlighting the warmth and love of the couple.
Hues of white and minimal green, olive leaves, orchids, lysianthus and hydrangeas, were merged into some of the most beautiful floral arrangements for the wedding reception. Perched on the glamorous candleholders, along with roses, placed on the tables and at the lavish candy bar, they reflected amazingly the sun and the light of the candles.
Both dressed into effortlessly chic outfits, they tied the knot at the orthodox chapel of the venue, and one could notice the golf traditional head wreaths symbol of the union of the couple.
The bridal bouquet selection was from delicate lily of the valley. Maid of honor was the famous Julie Massino, while attendees and entertained the guests, were the singers Giorgos Lianos and Stamatis Gonidis, amongst others.

Photo Credits: Stelios Gasparis