A Harry Potter Christening in Pyrgos Petreza that definitely will awe even the muggles!

Baptism Of Vassilis

As Hogwarts admission remains selective, in those who show magical ability, here Pyrgos Petreza, was open to those guests who do believe in magic. We achieved to turn a Stone Tower into a new Wizard School!
The invitations were delicately curated to create a heraldry of the famous four Wizard Houses, which also embellished the great stone wall of the venue, near the wizard workshop for our young guests. Sealing wax with wizard hat motive dotted the eco-invitation envelope, a matchbox treat was placed on each seat, and a variety of seating and wishing cards included all those details a student in The Great Hall could see! The colossal ceiling was decorated with hanging hats, witch brooms, velvet ribbons, cloaks and wands, owls and neckties were hoovering all along where the eye could reach!
Reception tables were themed with gold bells on the menu cards, red-velvet color pallet in the napkins, with shinning golden plates, transparent crystals and marvelous florals!
The workshop area, for our little (and big) wizards was exclusively created to transfer the attendees into the world of fairytales. The candy bar was highlighted with an enormous garland of balloons and Vassilis’ name to be the outstanding spot of the decoration! Palatable sweets, delicious offerings and sugar covered cookies did magically disappear in the twinkle of the eye!
The magic mirror photobooth surprised the guests, capturing their day in Vassilis’ School of Wizardy!

Photo credits: Thanasis Kaiafas
Bts credits: Pahountis Photography