Why hiring a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner, being the first thing to do for your wedding, will prove to you every day, day by day, that "a professional can make the difference".

A Wedding planner will help you throughout the process and the details of your wedding, organizing and coordinating, from the marriage license until the thank you cards that we will be sending, while you are away on your honey moon! Is the professional whose experience, training, contacts and personal acquaintances will help you organize the wedding you have dreamed on!

Why do I need a wedding planner and how exactly can help you?

Mainly for two reasons: a) A wedding planner will ensure collaborations with professionals as well as in every aspect and detail of your wedding preparations. B) Will also give you a variety of choices according to your style and budget. Controlling the wedding budget, with your wedding planner, makes you more efficient and have a total control of the money that will be spent.

Do I have a choice between the services of a wedding planner?

A professional wedding planner will always offer the services that you need for the very special day of your life! So, don't hesitate and ask for the services that you personally need, today!

How long before, do I have to start the preparations for my wedding?

The best timeline would be to start a year before the research for the church and the wedding reception locations and then continue with the following steps.